Tuesday, July 05, 2005

More on spam blogs

My last post discussed spam blogs -- blogs with automatically generated content and links that are set up solely for the purpose of generating links to another site.

Duncan Riley at the Blog Herald weighs in with his opinion that it's time for Google to act on Blogger.com. He writes: "As more and more spam blogs are created, search engine results become more and more polluted." In response, search engines "will start to offer blog free search, or at least blogspot.com free search. The first to suffer will be anyone legitimately using blogger for their blogs."

I think Technorati and similar blog search services can fix the problem without banning blog-hosting services wholesale. It's a hard problem to solve, no doubt: John August on his screenwriting blog wonders "if the spam-blog problem is readily fixable." But I think it's in the best interests of Technorati, Flickr, and the rest to detect, filter, and ban spam blogs and tag spam.

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