Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Influence and blogging

I'm running up against a deadline at work and don't have time to comment on this topic, but I sure wish I did.

Winning over your friends is about influence. Matt at The Basement writes about the 10% of Americans who are the Influentials -- the kind of people who stand out because they set trends and influence everybody else around them. Writers in the past have proven that these trendsetters are "quantifiable and identifiable." Matt and others also write of current attempts to identify bloggers who are influentials.

I suspect one way to identify these Influential bloggers: The influentials write original, cogent content that cause second and third-tier bloggers (like me) to go "Hmmm" and link to them with posts like this one.

What do you think? Who are Influential bloggers? Link to them in the comments below.

Update: Rex tells us we're missing the point . "If mass-marketers try to 'figure out' the blogosphere with some sort of 'measurement tool' rather than by joining in the conversation and belonging to the blogosphere, they're missing the point and will remain clueless outsiders."

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